FitBnb’s Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 30 October 2018

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Every organization has their own terms, condition, policies, etc. Here is ours:

Organization, We, Us, Our

The keyword “Organization” refers to our Website


Fitbuddies are the sellers who are working via our organization and most of the cases they are generally Fitness instructors, Bodybuilding instructors, Yoga instructors, Nutrition experts, Doctors, Lawyers, etc.


Clients are the customers of our Organization.

Our clients can hire fitbuddies/sellers or book their services and make the Payment via our website. Transacting or making payment outside of our Organization is strictly prohibited. And doing so, we reserved the power to banned accounts of both parties. Communicating, working, getting & providing  services from our registered users (both client & seller) are violating our rules.

We not only want to assure the quality of our services but also we want to ensure the Security both for clients & sellers. Sometimes you may need to go/come to clients/seller’s location/house/training-center/chamber. For this specific purpose we only recommend our Verified Sellers and we will not take the liability or responsibility for any incident happen with Unverified Sellers.